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Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Forgotten History

Recently, there has been news about the lack of diversity in the Texas public school curriculum. To me, this implies that many of our Texas children may never get the chance to learn about their own identity and culture. They will never swell with pride when they read the literature of their ancestors, or hear about the historical figures that looked just like them and played a role in building this great state.

We can view this as a golden opportunity for museums. Museums now have the responsibility of enlightening these children where formal education doesn't. We can show them that their ancestors and themselves are indeed part of the American experience.

Recently IMLS launched and effort to preserve America's diverse heritage.

This project highlights the fact that museums preserve more than priceless works of art or artifacts related to well-known historical figures. While these are indeed important, America's heritage consists of collections stored in hundreds and hundreds of local museums. Our children and communities will be much for the better if these artifacts - whether they be family photographs, scrapbooks, quilts, letters, furniture- are preserved, and perhaps more importantly, exhibited and interpreted. Please look through the link above and see how your museum may benefit from this initiative.

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